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Thank you for your submissions and congratulations to the successful applicants. Stay tuned for the Fall application period later this year!

Email your applications to before the deadline date above or if you have any questions about the application process or requirements.

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The Red Deer Games Foundation began its history of supporting elite athletes after receiving a donation from the 1975 Alberta Summer Games. Since then, the RDGF also received funds from the legacy of the 1988 Alberta Winter Games, the 2006 Alberta Summer Games, the 2019 Canada Winter Games and the BFF Golf Tournament held in 2014.

Other than achieving international, national, or Olympic prominence in their sport, what do the following people have in common:

Deidra Dionne, Jeremy and Danielle Wotherspoon, Jocelyn Peterman, Brittany Tran, Mark Armstrong, Drew Goldsack, Keith McDonald and Keegan and Kyle Soehn.

The Answer:

All of these champions received a RDGF grant during the early years of their athletic careers.

Of equal importance, over 400 other athletes have also been recognized with a grant and provided funds to help them on their athletic journey.

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Red Deer Games Financial Assistance Program

The Red Deer Games Foundation (RDGF) is proud to have provided a total of over $300,000.00 in grants from the interest of its endowment fund.

The RDGF grants are awarded twice a year. They will be awarded to individual athletes living in Red Deer and Central Alberta who have demonstrated a high level of ability and devotion to their sport but are not yet eligible for funding from their Provincial or National Sport Organizations.

Application Information

Please submit applications via email to: 

Applications close in June and December of each year.
For more information please email us at

To be considered, applicants must:

  • Reside within the City of Red Deer, Red Deer County or within a 50-kilometer radius of Red Deer.
  • Reside in the area for at least one-year prior to date of application.
  • Grants are only provided to individual athletes, and are not available for teams or organizations. Athletes in team sports will be considered if they are participating as a member of a provincial or national team in their sport.
  • Athletes in team sports will be considered if they are participating as a member of a provincial or national team in their sport. Alternatively, athletes that are participating in a team sport may apply provided they can demonstrate identifiable elite development potential equivalent to success at a provincial or regional level. This potential must include accomplishments that serve to set the individual apart from his/her teammates or fellow competitors.
  • Funding program is prioritized to athletes that are still in a developmental stage of their career but do not yet qualify for funding from their Provincial or National Sport Organization.
  • Multiple applications from any club will be referred to the coach for prioritization and personal contact may be made with the athlete and/or coach and parents if additional information is needed to process the application.
  • Payment can be made in advance of any sponsored activity with an understanding that payment would be refunded to the Foundation if the funds were not expended in the manner identified in the application.
  • Athletes must be affiliated either through their local club or as an individual to a sport with a Provincial Sport Association recognized by the Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation branch of the Alberta Government. Either the athlete and/or the athlete’s sport club or organization must be affiliated with or be a member in good standing with their sport’s Provincial Sport Association. 

Financial assistance may be requested to cover all or a portion of the following expenses:

  1. The cost of special coaching/training/ equipment
  2. Cost of attending sport clinics
  3. Travel to training opportunities or competitions
  4. Cost of accommodations and meals related to training and/or competitions
  5. Registration and/or entry fees
  6. Other costs related to athlete’s sporting career may be considered

The Red Deer Games Foundation (RDGF) is a not-for-profit foundation with the primary purpose of recognizing and encouraging athletic competence and dedication by providing financial assistance to emerging athletes to offset the costs of training and competition. The Red Deer Games Foundation has continuously operated an athlete grant program to assist developing athletes since after the completion of the 1977 Alberta Summer Games.